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Jang Seeder 1-row JP-1

Jang Seeder 1-row JP-1

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The Jang Seeder JP-1 is the perfect way to precisely plant small vegetable seeds with minimal waste. They’re designed for sowing spinach, carrots, lettuce, onions, spring onions, radishes and Chinese cabbage. With the Jang seeder, you can get the most out of your seeds and labor costs!


  • A seed roller MM-16 is equipped as standard. MM-16 roller is used for carrots, spinach, cucumber and other similar seeds.
  • Other Seed Rolers are not included. 
Seed Type Hole diameter
Number of holes
Bok choy, Indian mustard, vitamin YYJ-12 3 12
Winter-grown cabbage YJ-12 3 12
Crown daisy MJ-12 6.5 12
Spinach F-12 5 12
Carrot M-12 5 12
Young radish FJ-12 6 12
Radish Q-4 8 4
Curled mallow YK-12 3.5 12
Chives, chamnamul A-6 13.5 6
Sorghum R-12 9 12
Soybean N-6 16 6
Wheat, buckwheat C-12 11 12
Sesame X-8 4 8
Sweet corn S-4 4
Corn U-4 4
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