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The Drop Seeder is a quick and efficient way to seed 264 cells in a Paper Chain Pot. With the help of this reliable tool, you will reduce labor time and streamline the paper pot system. Get ready to save time and resources by upgrading your seeding process today! 

Size (Hole Diameter) Seed Type
LL (6.0 mm) Larger seeds such as radish, beets, spinach and with microgreens.
L (4.5 mm) in starter pack Standard size such as spinach, beets.
M (3.5 mm) For medium size seeds.
S (3.2 mm) For smaller seeds.
SS (2.8 mm) Kale, shallots, turnips and other smaller seeds.
SSS (1.8 mm) Onions, brassicas, scallions, kale, shallots and turnips.
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